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Neatek Technology

Neatek, Inc. drawing on the skills and experiences of the founder, we began to market customized single board computers and its peripherals for our first few years since 1994

In the after, Neatek made a strategic step to get closer working with system integrators and the users, with this acquisition and over one decade fields experiences, we posited as a professional bridge in between the applications and the resources

To service state of the art technologies, incorporate those technologies in a broad range product, or an application of subsystem and the most value is to help our partners to configure and optimize the required embedded solutions for demands. Neatek is experience full in services with the fields in Embedded Computing, Factory Automations, Industrial Peripherals, Server Applications, Medical Equipments, Security Equipments, Test and Measurement Equipments etc. As its business focus and for the target market, Neatek packages existing IBM/PC technologies in industrial fields, configures to meet your demands.

We are a customer driven team, every employee knows the task is direct or indirect for customer support, and this axiom is different Neatek from others. We clearly understand that our partners put their names, reputations and profitability on the line when Neatek is selected

Beside the ready products and ODM services. What valued Neatek is much different from other industrial computing players in Taiwan: We service the out-sourcing products

Dealing in better costing, easier logistic handling and more real-time of problem achieving/ resolving locally, we are able to help our partners to obtain more products

Our targeted partner is the value added systems integrator and reseller/ agent who requires reliable devices of multi-processing and I/O intensive hardware.